Camino Day 40 – Relaxing Walking

Monday 29th May 2023

Distance 13.1km / 8.13 miles

Hospital de la Cruz – Palas de Rei

There were only five of us in the Albergue last night. Somehow that added to the relaxed feeling when I got up the next morning.There is something about my short walks which is causing me to relax more. I am sure that physically I am now attuned to the journey and the daily walking and my feet were free of any blisters or discomfort. I said Morning Prayer as I sat on a low wall beside the Albergue and then set out through the morning mist.

There is something special about walking when you can only see for a short distance around you. Your attention is no longer drawn towards the views and the countryside it leads to more of an inward gaze, and opportunity to let your thoughts wander. This was another day when I was very conscious of walking with God, nothing obvious, or overt just that consciousness.

Once again the mist began to lift and the sun began to break through. The walking was just so relaxing through beautiful countryside and woodland

Once again I arrived at my destination very early. As I walked into the town of Palas de Rei I passed and open church and went in to pray. It was an old church but very much geared up to reach out to pilgrims with a little bowl of paper slips each of which had a different bible verse. I continued on and arrived at the Albergue. For once I wasn’t the first there. I chatted to a couple of other pilgrims as we waited for it to open. After checking in I had a look around the town and got some salad and snacks for my meal. It was good to rest after my long walk! I continued with some reading and a bit of thinking.