The Novelty of Hills

Slow Ways Route – Thieas two – Easingwold to Thirsk

Distance 21km / 13mi

It was a wet start to a wet day today. I was up and about without seeing anyone at the restaurant and set off in the rain. I was tempted to take the direct route into the village along the road but my conscience wouldn’t allow such a departure from the official route.

Easingwold looked a really nice place with a lovely market square and interesting shops. I found an open café for some breakfast and a chance to get out of the rain. Sadly the rain showed no signs of stopping so I got my waterproof jacket back on and set off again. Another selfie, this time I seem to be smiling even in the rain!

As I left the village I was so surprised to find I was walking up a hill. It wasn’t a massive one but on this walk I just wasn’t used to them. I walked on up a country lane then headed off across the fields. There was lots of mud, and even more wet grass. I was thankful I had changed my footwear in Lincoln.

As I walked through the fields, even in the rain, there were interesting views.

I was climbing steadily and was rewarded with views over the surrounding countryside when the rain abated.

Once over the hill I looked down towards the village of Husthwaite. My map told me there was a pub there and I was ready for a break. I wasn’t focussed on my surroundings so much when thinking about a break so I missed the white horse on the hillside in the distance. Sadly the pub in this village was shut and there didn’t appear to be much else to stop for so on I went to the next village of Carlton Husthwaite.

Thankfully I had arrived in the village just as the pub opened so just stopped for a drink as it was a bit soon for food. The barman was happy to chat and I enjoyed my brief time there. He mentioned that I would see the white horse so I did look out for it. I set off again past an attractive church and obligatory thatched cottage. The cottage was handily labelled but I thought fairly obvious.

Once out of the village I looked across at the hills and there was the white horse carved into the hillside. I blame the rain obscuring my view earlier.

It was still raining and the town of Thirsk just couldn’t come quick enough, unfortunately it wasn’t that quick. I finally arrived and checked in to my room at the Wetherspoons pub in the town square just as the sun began to shine.

Once I got changed out of my wet things I went downstairs for a pint and something to eat. I was so glad that this day was over though disappointed that the rain had taken the edge of what was a beautiful walk.