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  • Melrose to Lilliardsedge

    Melrose to Lilliardsedge

    Day One – St Cuthberts Way This first day was full of hope, expectation and awesome views as well as a very steep climb to start off the walk

  • Lilliardsedge to Kirk Yetholm

    Lilliardsedge to Kirk Yetholm

    Day Two – St Cuthberts Way The day dawned fine with mist quickly disappearing and leaving only dew soaked grass in the early sunshine. I wanted to be up and away at six thirty as I knew I had one of my longest days today.

  • Kirk Yetholm to Wooler

    Kirk Yetholm to Wooler

    Day 3 – St Cuthberts Way It’s amazing what a good nights sleep will do. I felt much better though I was beginning to think that yesterday’s struggles might be more than the heat and the weight of my backpack.

  • Wooler to the Coast

    Wooler to the Coast

    Day 4 – St Cuthbert’s Way Once again I woke up with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and purpose. I only had one more full day to go and I wasn’t far from the coast wasn’t I?

  • The Coast to Holy Island

    The Coast to Holy Island

    Day Five – St Cuthbert’s Way I woke up on my final day’s walking to thick fog. I had pitched my tent so I cpild get up in the morning and look out across the sea to Holy Island and I couldn’t see a thing.

  • My Journey Resumes

    My Journey Resumes

    I am just remembering now that one of my favourite books as a child was a Sunday School Prize, Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan – I am not sure why. I loved the idea of the pilgrim’s journey his adventures and his eventual arrival. I don’t think I was ever concerned with the spiritual significance…

  • Pilgrimage


    An unexpected change in my life occured in 2022. I had been living quite contentedly without faith for round about twenty years and I had no plans to change that. I had also made walking the major theme for my retirement. While reading around the subject and dreaming of the walks I could do I…

  • A Bus Stop on my Pilgrim Journey

    A Bus Stop on my Pilgrim Journey

    Over the last few weeks my church has been advertising an Alpha Course which begins this week. On the face of it a good thing and for most people a positive step towards a deeper faith in God. I however have a complicated past and my decision whether or not to take part has resulted…

  • Camino de Santiago

    Camino de Santiago

    I am not sure when or indeed how the idea to walk this iconic pilgrimage to the Shrine of St James at Santiago de Compostella in Spain happened. It seems to be a big part of my thinking over the past year. It was very early on my renewed life of pilgrimage and over the…

  • Camino Day 0 – The End of the Beginning

    Camino Day 0 – The End of the Beginning

    I seem to be unable to relax when travelling. I suppose I was excited and a little bit anxious too as I was beginning my final day before starting to actually walk. I had loads of time after waking up early in Bordeaux and ended up having a long wait at the train station. I…