Spreas one – Springwell to East Boldon

Date Walked – Wednesday 25th January 2023

Route Description

I think before I started this was I had it in my head that it wasn’t going to be the most scenic or exciting walk I had done. I suppose it was more about ticking off another Slow Ways route review. As it happens it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Springwell is quite a familiar place now I have done several local walks. I walked down the hill reminding myself as I looked back how the countryside was still close. As I walked past a bus stop I noted that for much of today I was following part of the route of the 56 bus. I remembered the day I had caught the bus near home and travelled all the way to Sunderland. I still had some memories of where I was walking.

I crossed the bridge over the A194 and passed an attractive cemetery and the church. So far so good I thought. Despite being an urban environment there always seems to be plenty of trees.

I walked on through Usworth then towards Sulgrave

I then turned onto the flattest stretch through open countryside and the Nissan factory. I did notice the construction site on my left. It will be a new factory for car batteries, the electric vehicle kind. Despie walking along the foot/cycle path there was plenty of mud around from the site and noise from the contant traffic.

I left the traffic and went over a footbridge over the A19 and walked through the streets of Hylton Castle via a Greggs. I took a few minutes for a bite to eat and a drink as I sat on a bench outside the Castle.

I needed that rest because the route took me up an almost verticle muddy track, Maybe a slight exageration but it was steep and my walking poles were worth their weight in gold at this point.

Once I got to the top I was rewarded with some fine views, Penshaw Monument in the distance and the Nissan Factory in the foreground.

It was then through more housing before I was finally walking through countryside. Walking in January is bracing and also muddy underfoot. The last kilometre or so beside and across fields wre very sticky.

Once I was at East Boldon Metro Station, my destination for this walk I discovered I had walked a total of 18.65km. I had walked a few extra kilometres because I started at home. I decided I had walked far enough for the day.