Railway Path to Durham

Slow Ways Routes – Bisshi one, Wilbis one, Wilbra one, Bradur one – Shildon to Durham

Distance 24.3km / 15mi

Today was mostly along the Brandon to Bishop Auckland Railway Path so I was expecting an ‘easy’ day. I was looking forward to getting to Durham, it was my next milestone and from there on it was definitely the home stretch. It wasn’t the earliest of starts as I was waiting for a rain shower to pass over. Here I am posing in front of one of Shildon’s Arches

I walked out of town and was soon rewarded with a view towards Bishop Auckland.

It was a pleasant walk downhill through the village of South Church.

There was a couple of steep up and down bits and I was soon walking through Bishop Auckland.

I didn’t linger and walked straight on over the Newton Cap Viaduct. (No photos because of Vertigo). I joined the Brandon to Bishop Auckland Railway Path at the entrance to the Kynren Attraction. I powered on but did appreciate the scenery as I walked.

I stopped and chatted to a local walker who had lived all his life the the nearby village of Toronto. I got a potted life history and other local information. My stage finish was at the village of Willington. I called in to the local Co-op and got a drink and snacks.

Just a short break then I continued on. There were plenty of cyclists and dog walkers so it felt busy compared with most previous days. I met a dog walker on this section who chatted for a while. He put me to shame with all the adventures he’d been on.

My next way point was at Brandon. A short walk into the village brought me to a community hub where I had a quick sit.

I was a man on a mission so I continued on.

There was a bit of up and down as I got closer to Durham and left the Railway Path proper.

I cllimbed up the steep hill into Nevilles Cross passing the site of the 1346 battle. It was just downhill then into Durham. Being a completist I had to make one final climb to the Railway Station, the official end of this Slow Way.

I was smiling now, not just because I had finished today’s walk but that I was going home! I had decided that once I reached Durham it made more sense to sleep at home and just travel back and forth to the start of the next stage. I was soon on the bus and was so glad to be home. I got stuff into the washer, had a long hot shower and got my backpack ready for the next day.