Into the Flatlands

Slow Ways Routes – Boumar one, Boubil one

The day dawned bright and sunny. I walked into the centre of Market Deeping to start my route and discovered how nice it looked. Something I hadn’t appreciated yesterday in the rain. You can see how happy I am as I pass yet another beautiful old church. I was also thankful that I had an offer of accommodation with Neil and Jackie at the vicarage in Morton – just beyond Bourne so I didn’t have to worry about that either.

My walk started on pavements to the outskirts of town where there was a further reminder that I was never far from civilisation, though I did resist the temptation of another Greggs breakfast.

It was mainly shared cycle/pedestrian paths and minor roads to the village of Langtoft.

The route joins the A15 for a very short but difficult stretch before heading through the fields to the village of Baston.

I picked up some snacks and a drink at the local Post Office and shop in Baston. I had a quick chat with the owner. I was really appreciating these small but lovely conversations. As I walked I noticed the old and the new sharing the same space. I then took the opportunity to sit in the sun and reflect.

I’m learning to embrace the flat lands of Lincolnshire. They may be flat but they are certainly not without interest. I love the trees and the hedgerows even the fields, when they are not too muddy. It doesn’t take long before a new village appears on the horizon. I had seen butterflies, snails, birds and the occasional person. Flat it may be but certainly not boring. I walked on along more minor roads, footpaths and some thick mud after yesterday’s rain.

In the village of Thurlby I had to work my way round some houses to pick up the footpath beyond as the gpx route I was following takes you through people’s houses. There were some pastures and tracks beyond Thurlby which was a welcome break from the mud.

I reached the town of Bourne, the end of this Sow Way, where there was an attractive park.

I had plenty of time today as it was not too far to the village of Morton where I was saying with Neil and Jackie at the vicarage. I took the opportunity to get some refreshment at a convenient Wetherspoons. Bourne was a bustling pleasant place.

So through more fields and I reached the village of Morton.

After trying Google maps and finally ringing Neil I arrived at the vicarage. What a wonderful welcome. It was so good to sit and chat. Neil passed on some donations that he had received too which was great and spent some time seeking other families who I might stay with in coming days. Jackie arrived and we shared a lovely meal and more conversation. I learned a lot about the reality of ministry in the Church of England that evening. All in all I was so amazed by the hospitality.