Gatspr One – Gateshead to Springwell

Route Details

I walked and reviewed this route in full on January 1st 2022 though parts of this route now form part of my walks to the shops.

The route begins at Gateshead Interchange and is a walk up High West Street to the roundabout under the flyover where there is something of a skatepark. The there is a steady climb up Old Durham Road before branching off along Carr Hill Road

Then along to Windy Nook and turn towards Windy Nook Nature Park and countryside.

One of the joys about Slow Ways being walking routes between towns is that you can rarely escape the urban and industrial. However Once in the nature park then there is countryside and views.

From Windy Nook to Whitehills Nature Park then along footpaths which have now been cleared and upgraded.

Across the road then past fields towards Springwell and remains of industry

As you approach Springwell there are more countryside and views

Then you arrive at Springwell with a real sense of achievment. It wasnt a long walk but I hoped the start of many. It was an auspiscious start to the year