From Sadness to Hope

Whilst walking through Whitehills Nature Park to Springwell I saw, in the distance, what I initially thought was some fly tipping by the side of the path. It was only when I got closer I realised what it was. It was a memorial to Tomasz Oleszak tragically killed last October. I remembered reading about it when I was in Jersey, but had not thought about it much since. The main memorial on one side and a bench opposite complete with a pair of angel’s wings.

When I’m walking I rarely stop to look at memorials but this was one I could not pass by. I stood and prayed for Tomasz and his family. Oddly for me prayer seemed a natural response, how things have changed for me over the past few months.

I walked on in sadness, reflecting on the evil which cut his young life short and the devastation it must have brought to his family.

It was a short time later when I saw some graffiti on an old bridge. It just said HOPE and it lifted my mood.

Even in the midst of sadness and evil – there is hope.