• Walking


    I have always loved walking, indeed looking back I recognise it’s the best way of helping me to think. As I prepared for my retirement, I was certain that walking was going to be a big part of what I wanted to do.

  • The Coast to Holy Island

    The Coast to Holy Island

    Day Five – St Cuthbert’s Way I woke up on my final day’s walking to thick fog. I had pitched my tent so I cpild get up in the morning and look out across the sea to Holy Island and I couldn’t see a thing.

  • Wooler to the Coast

    Wooler to the Coast

    Day 4 – St Cuthbert’s Way Once again I woke up with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and purpose. I only had one more full day to go and I wasn’t far from the coast wasn’t I?

  • Kirk Yetholm to Wooler

    Kirk Yetholm to Wooler

    Day 3 – St Cuthberts Way It’s amazing what a good nights sleep will do. I felt much better though I was beginning to think that yesterday’s struggles might be more than the heat and the weight of my backpack.

  • Lilliardsedge to Kirk Yetholm

    Lilliardsedge to Kirk Yetholm

    Day Two – St Cuthberts Way The day dawned fine with mist quickly disappearing and leaving only dew soaked grass in the early sunshine. I wanted to be up and away at six thirty as I knew I had one of my longest days today.

  • Melrose to Lilliardsedge

    Melrose to Lilliardsedge

    Day One – St Cuthberts Way This first day was full of hope, expectation and awesome views as well as a very steep climb to start off the walk

  • Newcastle to Heddon

    Newcastle to Heddon

    Today is part of my attempt to be completist walking along the line of the wall and also completing Hadrian’s Wall Trail. Today was to tick of the section of the trail from Newcastle to Heddon-on-the- Wall. It was a lovely day and I was looking forward to a walk along the northern banks of…

  • Green Carts Farm to Winshields then Home

    Green Carts Farm to Winshields then Home

    This day’s stage included many of the most exciting views along the Wall. Certainly the most busy with other walkers

  • East Wallhouses to Green Carts Farm

    East Wallhouses to Green Carts Farm

    Waking up and looking out of the tent though it sounds a bit over the top filled me with joy. A vista of fields and sunshine put me in a good mood for the day. I am an early riser so everything was quiet and I couldn’t hear anyone else awake. I successfully used my…

  • Heddon-on-the-Wall to East Wallhouses

    Heddon-on-the-Wall to East Wallhouses

    The plan in my head was to walk for 4 days and camp for 3 nights along Hadrian’s Wall Trail but as I sat having breakfast on the morning of Tuesday 12th July 2022 I was still procrastinating. Maybe I should put this off until next week, after all I wasn’t ready. I had been…